Parkinson’s Disease

With more and more people being diagnosed with Parkinson’s, many more carers and nurses may find themselves caring for someone with the disease.

Our comprehensive course will provide you with detailed training on Parkinson’s, what causes it and how it is treated. You’ll gain the knowledge, practical skills and confidence to care for someone with the disease. Extensive use is made of case studies throughout the course to bring the learning to life and ensure that the course is as practical as possible.

The course, which comprises six sessions of three hours each, is fully assessed and certificated, with the final assessment completed by the Parkinson’s Society.

Who should attend

All nurses and carers who currently care for someone with Parkinson’s or who expect to do so in future.

Each course is limited to 8 delegates in order to maximise learning opportunities.

What you will learn

Session1: Definition, Causes and Diagnosis

  • What is Parkinson’s and the causes
  • How is it diagnosed
  • The importance of exercise

Session 2: Phases and Symptoms

  • 4 phases of Parkinson’s
  • Importance of focussing on the phase of Parkinson’s not age
  • Motor symptomsNon-motor symptoms
  • Freezing

Session 3: Communication

  • Learn about talking, gesture, tone and body language, and their impact
  • Managing communication and avoiding assumptions
  • Cognitive challenges

Session 4: Medication

  • Medication management
  • Importance of timing
  • Main drug treatment and side effects

Session 5: Review

  • Review of case studies used in last 4 sessions
  • Review of last 4 sessions Q & A
  • Mock assessment

Session 6: Assessment

  • 2 ½ hour final exam

Delegates will be provided with a pack of learning materials. A certificate will be issued on successfully passing the final exam.

Training methods

Lectures, case studies, group and individual work, discussions, and practical exercises. All of our trainers are both well qualified and highly experienced.


We will agree dates and times for each session that are convenient for your organisation.


We can run this course at either your premises or our offices in Fife.


£250 + VAT per delegate (minimum 4 delegates)

Travel and subsistence costs may be incurred depending on the location of the training.

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